Mycelia was founded in 2010 by members Mike Schmid and Marc Trummer who were trying to face the challenge of writing songs, not only way above the musical level of what they were used to play in former bands, but also by using influences from various musical genres and combining them to something fresh, original and yet beautiful. Inspired by artists such as The Human Abstract, Meshuggah or The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mike and Marc quickly put together a few songs, and were searching for musicians to play the second guitar, bass and vocals.
After releasing two online demo EP’s, the band started working on their first album “Isolator”. Motivated by all the positive feedback Mycelia started writing songs again, intending to soon release a second album. In Jocke Skog, guitarist of Clawfinger and co-producer of After the Burial’s “In Dreams” album, they found the producer they needed and in a collaboration of two months with Jocke, Mycelia finished their album “NOVA” and released it in early 2013.
In early 2015 the band recorded their first studio album in Parma Italy and introduced new members Mike Fuller and Eugen Wiebe. The five guys of Mycelia are now spending their time playing concerts, increasing their musical repertoire, and apart from countless hours working on their skills, songs, sounds and selfmade productions, they’re keeping the joy in music and share a close friendship which they hope can inspire their audience in the best possible way.
Marc Trummer – Drums
Mike Schmid – Guitars
Mike Fuller - Guitars
Eugen Wiebe - Bass
Marc Fürer – Vocals

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