Hunted like thieves

The 5-piece collective of HUNTED LIKE THIEVES first met in the summer of 2013. Having played in bands such as Turning Cold, Black The Color or Out Of Condition, all the members wanted to start something new and - whilst having their background mainly in the Hardcore and Punk scene - move forward and create their very own, new and fresh blend of melodic hardcore, whilst also being open to other influences. Very soon everyone realized that all wanted to head in the same direction and a common ground for evolving new tunes was laid.

Just after a few months of playing together, the band went to Pitstop Studios, St. Gallen, to record a two song demo and played their first show in February 2014. These two songs give a really good impression of the direction in which the 5-piece is moving. Knowing that the journey for HUNTED LIKE THIEVES has just started, the members can’t wait to go on and are highly dedicated to the new project and keen on playing more and more shows.

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HardcoreMelodic HardcorePunk

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Out of Control
28. April 2018