The heavy metallic quest for the Holy Grail has been lasting for almost 10 years until today, but the sluggish arch enemy of the Grailknights, Dr. Skull, keeps on snatching the precious chalice away from the five coloured superheroes. It’s up to the Battlechoir, the loyal hordes of Grailknights fans, and the noble beer-supplying steed Zapf Beauty to reconquer the Holy Grail at the end of every battle.
But Dr. Skull is wide awake, and has made two myrmidons his subjects: The malodorous orc Morph the Swarf and a gargantuan dragon, simply named Urks. There was only one possible solution for the Knights: Record a new CD as soon as possible, and use the power of their filed battlehymns to show Dr. Skull and his subjects their limits. “Alliance” is the synonym of the indestructable pact between the Grailknights and their powerful Battlechoir, as well as Melodic Death Metal at it’s best.

"Join the Choir and get well tanked up in the ancient halls of Castle Grailskull! Grails high!"

Those who have already seen the Grailknights in battle know that it is a feast for ears and eyes. A visual firework combined with formidable battlehymns. The show, which pictures the costumed fight for the Holy Grail versus Dr. Skull, is the framework for intensive interaction with the audience. Nevertheless, one should take nothing more than a winking look at the show, as the music, that goes without saying, is the spotlight and the main reason for uncountable positive feedbacks and a constantly growing number of members in the Battlechoir!

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Superhero Metal

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30 Stunden Festival
28. September 2018





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